We focus entirely on hiring health providers, so you don’t have to.

We’re a risk adjustment staffing company like no other.

As a people-first organization, we recognize the importance of what you do: improving the care you provide to your members. So we want to help make that just a bit easier for you.

From full staffing solutions to credentialing only, our customized solutions are scaled to meet your business needs. We believe in taking the right amount of time to find the perfect candidate to match your needs no matter the role, helping you elevate your members’ experience.

We specialize in finding top-quality registered nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants and medical doctors that can conduct prospective visits, retrospective visits and home-risk assessments. These expert providers that we partner you with are historically reputable and known for going beyond simply performing their “job” by helping you with the following critical business requirements:

  1. Improving quality with data collection and risk scores
  2. Providing diagnosis of conditions for CMS revenue reimbursements
  3. Efficiently establishing risk profiles of new members
  4. Improving member satisfaction and retention

Our staffing solutions elevate your members’ experience.

Finding the best candidates start with the best risk adjustment staffing company, and we’ve proven to be just that. And while finding the right healthcare provider is important, what’s most critical to us is recognizing the invaluable role your business plays in the lives of your members. Naturally, your goal is to make this experience easier and more personal, which is exactly why it’s our goal, too.

People matter most.

In our industry, people are everything. So we will work diligently with you to determine which level of staffing service works best for you and your members’ needs. We begin our discussion to see whether you’re focused on care giving, preventative care, care coordination or compliance. We analyze your family of members, and decide how we can best support you.

Our solutions and capabilities are flexible, unique and customized based on the individuality of you and your members. Our risk adjustment staffing services can include:

  • Full Staffing: Let us handle all the sourcing, recruiting, hiring, credentialing and even your payroll. With us taking on your contingent staffing work, you can focus on your members.
  • Recruiting and Credentialing: We not only find talent; we make sure they’re ready to go on day one. Our tenured, expert recruiters will find the right healthcare professionals for you and ensure that they are properly credentialed so they’re fully vetted ahead of time.
  • Recruiting Only: Recruiting is where we shine. Don’t spend another second of your HR team’s time. Let us put our network and database to work to hand deliver the absolute best healthcare professionals directly to you.
  • Credentialing Only: Many of our clients have such strong reputations and employer brands that recruiting is organic and easy for them. However, those kinds of clients could still use our expertise when it comes to the credentialing piece. We can help increase your efficiency and optimize your business practices while relieving you of one more administrative burden.
  • Fee-Based Services: Not looking for ongoing support or an ongoing staffing partner, but still have the occasional or frequent needs from time to time? Perfect. That’s yet another way we can be here for you, no matter the task.

When it comes to you and your business challenges, we simply get it. We fully understand that to thrive in a value-based business, you need to stay ahead of your competition by securing access to larger populations of patients and members—and to do it profitably.

Together, we can be each others’ lifelines, creating and securing a long-lasting relationship. And it all starts right here with our commitment to you, and health systems just like yours.