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Your Long-Term Care Management Solution

We have access to a full group of chronic care manager candidates, all of whom are trained and experienced in managing patients’ chronic illnesses. Your patients can rest assured knowing that once they leave the doctor’s office, your organization will be there for them every step of the way. Hueman as your practice partner will improve health outcomes and patient involvement through a tailored hiring plan based on your company’s needs.

Your chronic care team will be comprised of healthcare experts with years of experience managing and interacting with patients, and will be a welcomed addition to a patient’s therapy and future doctor-patient relationships. That’s where Hueman comes in.

Key Stats

  • 35% Of Medicare Population Eligible for CCM
  • $1.2M Total Annual Revenue Potential
  • 0 Days To Hire CCM Staff
  • 90% CCM Employee Retention Rate
  • 6 in 10 U.S. Adults Have at Least One Chronic Illness

Partner Benefits

  • Increased Revenue: While billing rates vary per state, the national average for CCM calls is roughly $40 per patient, per month.
  • Opportunity for Add-On Services: Providers make additional money from services treating issues that would not otherwise be brought up by the patient by connecting with them more regularly. (i.e., annual wellness visits, lab testing, vaccines, etc.)
  • Maximize Incentives: CMS is centered around enhancing care coordination and gives CCM more control when calculating your MIPS score and incentive payment.
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How We’ve Helped Our Partners

“The Hueman team has provided our company with some very valuable support over the last few years.  Their team is always responsive to requests for assistance and showed the ability to provide both volume and quality on a consistent basis.” – Brian, ComplexCare Solutions

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